Monday, September 8, 2008

Grand Avenue

The Lenz Trio plays for Gena's wedding at a beautiful mansion on Grand Avenue.
We enjoyed playing Haydn's London Trios on a floor so creaky you couldn't hear our mistakes. :) Just kidding! Really, the house was beautiful and all the wood paneling on the walls, floor, and ceiling made for good acoustics!


  1. Your music was well done and was a wonderful contribution to the wedding ceremony! Steve Wasson, Officiating Pastor

  2. We were thrilled with everything about the music at our wedding. The pieces you chose and the way you played were beautiful. The perfect backdrop to our ceremony. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you Lenz Trio, Brian and Gena Rees

  3. I was the mother of the groom and didn't have many duties so just enjoyed the prelude (such romantic and relaxing tunes). Then came the processional. It was dramatic as was the recessional. We partied to more music from the Lenz trio. They were so enjoyable! Laurie R.