Thursday, June 25, 2009

John R. Waddle's violins

Emily purchased her current violin from John Waddle in St. Paul. He is an excellent violin luthier! His shop put together this fun video clip on the making of a violin...

Congratulations Michael and Laura Kycek!

Emily played solo violin for Michael and Laura's wedding ceremony in a little church in Stewartville; it was such a lovely intimate sound... almost Baroque :) and so sweet and tender for a small wedding. I know, I'm partial to violins... :)

The whole Lenz Trio played for the reception in the Rochester Art Center. We loved playing along a river!!! I've never played Handel's Water music overlooking a river though we have played it just about everywhere else! :)

Emily is smiling as we play Bouree the second time and fastest ever while the nice photographer lady agreed to take a quick picture...
With two and a half hours of reception music to fill up we finally had time to play through all of Haydn's London Trios. They are truly delightful divertiments!!! :)
A lovely June wedding...All of creation is at it's happiest and rosiest!

We're still working on a recording device... We would love to share music with you! Soon...