Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Congratulations Adam and Kari!

Adam and Kari were married in early September at the Little Log House Village Church near Hastings. The village is meant to be a replica of a historic settlement and was sweet and simple.
 Once again, Ben joined us to play some of the requested quartet music. Before every event we transpose another piece of music from a viola's tenor clef to the violin's treble clef. Soon we'll be officially announcing The Lenz Quartet!
Joyfully at your service!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alice Mayo Society Tea at the Mayo Foundation House

The Lenz Trio provided music for the Mayo Ladies Tea in August. We played in a lovely patio room with the windows all open so the ladies in the garden could hear.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Congratulations Ben and Anna!

It was our pleasure to play for Ben and Anna's wedding in June this year! They had excellent taste in everything and the wedding was well organized!

Sam still trying his hand at photography... he is comissioned per postable print. :o) But truly we just love having him with us for his laughter and light-hearted spirit!
Ben and Anna requested we play Wedding March by Mendelssohn for their recessional. This piece requires four parts and thankfully our brother Ben agreed to play the viola part. You may be wondering why Ben doesn't play with us more often? Well, you see, poor Ben is not fond of violas or viola parts and is very definite in his preference for the violin. As you can see, we arrived at a compromise. So it is with great pleasure and relief that we announce to you Ben has officially joined our group playing viola parts on his violin. Yaaaayyy! :o) He plays beautifully with sensitivity and precision!

Sam couldn't resist a picture of Garrison's bow in motion...