Thursday, September 24, 2009

Congratulations Cory and Erika!

This wedding took place at the site of the Mayo Stone Barn, a historic rustic edifice that once belonged to one of the Mayo brothers.
We decided to try to navigate with our GPS module and found it very useful until we were notified that we had arrived at our destination surrounded as far as the eye could see by cornfields. We knew we were supposed to be out in the country; after all the building is called a stone barn. But a barn that weddings are held in must be somewhat elegant and conventional so we didn't turn at the nearest field entrance and start driving through the cornfields. :) A few hundred yards later we found our real "destination"... a lovely group of antiquated limestone buildings shaded by mature maple trees all surrounding a welcoming barn as elegant as it is rustic and tastefully decorated for the festive occasion!
Cory and Erika were married on the lawn and held a reception in the barn. Once again we played "Wedding Dance" for reccesional and some more celtic sounding tunes for prelude and postlude. As a side note, we do not specify outdoor weddings on a booking application but somehow that seems to be the most desirable location for wedding ceremonies this year! :)

During the ceremony, the bride and groom poured glasses of sand in a larger vase instead of lighting a unity candle. We played the traditional Irish hymn, "Be Thou My Vision" as background music.

The picture below is an example of the limestone buildings and walls...

Garrison uses these brief moments of solitude before the prelude begins to practice his operatic vocal abilities... No, not really. Actually I think he is...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Congratulations Andy and Bonnie!

September 5th was a lovely day for a wedding down in historic Lanesboro, Minnesota. The lawn behind the snug Green Gables Inn slopes down to the river making a lovely green "ballroom" surrounded by trees!
Actually, the "flower girl" and "ring bearer" were canoed down the river. They came up from their boat during the prelude!
We were thankful for a helpful wedding coordinator and an excellent sound technician who both helped the wedding flow smoothly. And we are especially thankful for our mother who offered to come with us and take pictures! She thought the wedding was tasteful and well done. :)

Bonnie comes from a Irish background, I believe, so she was especially exited to hear Emily's Wedding Dance played for recessional.
Mama recorded this with our still camera so the sound quality is really quite bad, sort of like we are playing with Styrofoam :0), but, you might be able to get an idea of what our most popular recessional sounds like. Be sure to stop the music playlist at the bottom of our website before you listen. ;)
Or not... blogger doesn't accept our video in its present state so once again you'll have to wait or hear us in person! :)