Thursday, November 18, 2010

Congratulations Kjrk and Jovan!

Kjrk and Jovan were married in the garden at the Habberstad House bed and breakfast near Lanesboro.
October 10 was a gorgeous Fall day!
It was our pleasure to play for their wedding ceremony.
As you can see from the pictures below, the gardens were beautiful and fall colors were at their peak!
 Finding an ideal spot...
Setting up and tuning... being a wind player I can't quite relate to the time-consuming precision necessary to tuning a stringed instrument so I amuse myself by turning on my tuner, watching the dial and guessing which of my three siblings will tune by ear the fastest and most accurately.
Before you think I have such an easy time, consider the fact that from my own observations strings usually slip 1-2 HZ flatter in the first five minutes and I have to mentally predict when this will happen and adjust my embouchre accordingly.
And then consider that since they never bother to breath I have to go through super-human contortions to match their phrasing and interpretation! Well, maybe not super-human, but pretty close. :o)
Oh, the joys of playing a flute in a string ensemble! I love it! :o)

 The sun turned a lovely golden, pouring through the leaves as afternoon turned to evening...