Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Music 2009

We make the transition from farmers to musicians often. In a given day, all six of us could spend our morning with our hands in the dirt filling cells with soil for seeds or in the hoop house stirring up the deep bedding. But at a given time, we clean up, change from “chore” to “town” clothes, and have music lessons or practice instruments, or go to perform somewhere. We are living in two very different worlds…everyone does to some extent, and as much as they do, it adds depth and variety to life. See…even fantasy isn’t completely fantasized. Never wonder again where C.S. Lewis got his ideas. Real life is far more intriguing than most imagine. :)
The Lenz Trio played Wedding Dance for a Night of Music and Recitation event. Emily wrote Wedding Dance for Gena’s wedding and it was premiered on Grand Avenue. Ever since, it has been a general favorite. It is a fast Irish piece! Regrettably we have no suitable recording devices or we would share it with you!
The “Boys Quartet” coached by Aubrey played “Farandole” by Georges Bizet. And every “boy arrow” performed a solo piece. Samuel performed with his viola for the first time accompanied by his instructor, Emily, on the violin! :) We performed in a dark church so you have to squint to see the pictures.

The “instructors”

Everyone was so thrilled with the music and recitations!

The Six Arrows :)